Mihovil Dabo, Department of History, Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, David Orlovic, Elementary School, Dr. Mate Demarin, Medulin berichten auf hsozkult.de über die Konferenz „Writing History in Multicultural Regions of Southeastern Europe: The Role of Special Libraries and Archives“ die vom 2.–4. Oktober 2019 in Pazin und Pula stattfand.

It was for good reason that this academic conference dedicated to the problems of studying and writing the history of multicultural regions was organized in Istria. The past of the peninsula, which after multiple changes of political and national borders during the modern and contemporary periods is nowadays divided between Croatia, Slovenia and Italy, has been interpreted in different ways since the 19th century, most often within the framework of national historiographies and through the prism of political history.